Knowledge is power


So I have decided to continue to increase my knowledge by getting some Ciccerone certification.  I’m excited and intimidated by this based on what people have told me and my research.  A couple of brewers that I mentioned the program to referred to it as intense!!

It’s important to keep learning for a few reasons.  I want to be informed of new techniques, ingredients and trends.  As a professional this knowledge allows me to sift through and share with people what I think they might like.  A little bit presumptuous I know but I feel that is the nature of the beast.

The two books I’m digging in to are Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher and Wood & Beer by Dick Cantwell and Peter Bouckaert.  The first is practically a handbook for the Ciccerone  courses so I’m grateful for that.  The second is more personal interest but a friend over at Dieu du Ciel had good things to say about it and that’s enough for me.

Time to hit the books!

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