The good, the bad and the… delicious?

Repost from: June 28/2016


We all have to deal with disappointment.  How we deal with that disappointment is what can affect the quality of our lives.  Yes I know that sounds dramatic, but I’ve also found it to be true!!

Recently I made a kit beer and the couple of bottles I opened were relatively uncarbonated.  The flavour was okay for a kit beer – it was a wheat ale and fairly accessible, but I was longing for more carbonation.  This was very disappointing to me.

Being the frugal sort that I am, I was not willing to throw out two cases of beer with its only major fault being that it didn’t have the bubbles I wanted.  My problem was how to make it better.  I could have tried re carbonating but that seemed like a lot of effort for a mediocre beer.  I was thinking of radlers – you know, add some grapefruit juice and off I go, but the bubbles still would have been missing.

My next thought was to add some bubbles with some carbonated water or some pop.  But then I would have decreased the intensity and ended up with some sort of ‘bog water’ from my childhood.  You know that mix of every pop available at the dispenser that tastes like lesser versions of all the pop you like?  That just wouldn’t do.

Then I remembered reading an article on infusing single servings of beer.  This was something that I thought had some potential.  If I infused something nice and strong and added some soda water, this seemed like it might do the trick. Also I liked the idea of making some light tasting, refreshing beer to drink during this heat wave that we have had here in Ottawa.

A quick search online found a great stash of resources and an interesting little device from Dogfish Head. This guy tried a product in Japan that inspired him to infuse his beers. In the article you will find here, the object was to make a low quality beer taste good – a lofty goal indeed!  This site had some more specific recipes that I was impressed by.

As I was thinking about what to do with my beer I decided to open a bottle of my ‘let down ale’ to flush out the proper approach.  To my surprise it was carbonated!!

Now I’m not sure if I should move ahead and explore or ‘sit back, relax and have a homebrew.’ It seems like a win win situation to me.


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