Summer drinking…and the living is easy!

Repost from: June 7/2016


Summer is such an amazing time to enjoy both beer and food together.

Think of the possibilities!!!

Beer cocktails, beer braises, beer and bbq, beer and picnics, beer and patios, beer and camping, beer and sunshine and so many flavours!!

For some great beer cocktail suggestions make sure to head over to Crafted Pours they had a few wheat ale cocktails that looked particularly tempting tonight when I feel like cooling down a little.

New releases from microbreweries seem to thankfully stay with the seasons and I am personally really looking forward to one in particular by Beyond The Pale.  The website lists it as a saison/ipa hybrid and it is packed with flavour.  Saison Tropicale is a multi-grained, pineapple bomb for the olfactory without the addition of pineapple!!  I’ve been told by Shane Clark, the head brewer at Beyond The Pale that it should be out in the next week or two and I want to make sure that I grab some before its gone.

You should too!!


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