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Repost from: April 29/2016


This week has been a fun one of skill sharing.

On Wednesday I led a cooking class at The Parkdale Food Centre.

Its a great opportunity to volunteer with an organization whose goals are to provide healthy food, nutritional education and a warm and welcoming environment to our neighbors in need.

They are often looking for volunteers so if you have something to contribute – time, skills, money or just drop them a line to see what they need!

Yesterday I had the enjoyable experience of teaching a homebrewing class last night as part of the Westboro Brainery schedule of programs.

When I first started making my own beer I found that the terms and explanations could, at times, be intimidating or confusing and searching for answers online only made it worse.  Luckily I had a friend show me the basics when we were working at an isolated lodge in a provincial park.

Since then I have met other homebrewers to discuss techniques, equipment and ingredients and I have also had opportunities to talk with some of the pros.

Although I think homebrewing will mostly be a hobby for me, its nice to think that I am getting better at it and furthering my own knowledge while helping people learn to brew so we can all enjoy more about beer.

If you are still unconvinced about beginning your hombrewing journey perhaps these ’10 Reasons to Start Homebrewing’ article on will convince you.

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