Maple Sap Ale

Repost from : April 16/2016


Well I have been fortunate enough again to benefit from the surpluses of a friend and received several liters of maple sap.

Luckily it was enough to make a batch of beer and it inspired me to make a cedar and maple sap ale.  I also happened to have some hops grown not too far away that I was excited to use.

The plan is for a nice session ale with enough character to keep your interest without being to assertive.  Beer like this is my favorite to have with over the course of a meal to explore the different aspects brought out by the food and learn more about what my palate prefers.

I am also hoping to add some oak chips to the beer as I think it can add a subtle quality that will bring the ‘tree theme’ together.  I’m imagining this beer to be really good with cheeses, roasted vegetables and maybe certain curries.

When I open it I will be certain to share my thoughts.

Let me know if you are interested in know more details about the beer.

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