I CAN beat the heat!


Repost from: May 29/2016


I have only ever had one batch of homebrew that was so bad I wouldn’t drink it.  I consider myself lucky and think that based on what the web says that it will probably happen again some day.

Being the type that does not like my efforts to be in vain I did a bit of research.  My bet is that I tried to brew when it was too hot out and had yeast issues.

With the heat wave that we have been having this last little bit I will admit to being slightly gun shy about making beer right now. Since I do not want to fully stop my creative juices flowing I have decided to look into other fermentation projects that I can sink my teeth into – literally.

I love fermenting and the flavours you can bring out in things.  It also creates enzymes that are good for digesting.  Delicious and nutritious?  Count me in.

Korean chili paste aka Gochujang, is something that I had the joy of trying several years ago at a restaurant that I worked at. I loved the depth of flavor that it had.  I loved the saltiness of it.  I loved the colour.  And of course I loved how spicy it was.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was how it contained MSG every time I saw it in the store.  This is when I thought about making it myself except I hadn’t done any fermenting at this point in my life and so that was a little intimidating.

Fortunately for me this is one of many things that will ferment at warmer temperatures.  I recently received a beautiful fermentation crock from Radical Homestead and thought it would be the perfect time of year to make some chili paste since I have read of many people aging it from one to six months.  The worst case scenario is that it will be ready in the fall when I need something to warm me up!

Remember when you want to ferment something, where there is a will there is a way!


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