For the love of Mexican food

Repost from: Aug 31/2016


I went out to celebrate a birthday with some friends recently.  A quick search online by the birthday girl for best Mexican in town led us to a pretty sweet spot.

As a professional cook I often enjoy going out, but I can’t say I am regularly impressed by the food.  Thankfully this place was different.  The atmosphere was great – clean, colourful, relaxed, creative and fun.  The service was good – we were taken care of but not hovered over.  The food was competently prepared and there were a few dishes I didn’t know.  The food came out looking and smelling great and tasted like there was some more than capable hands behind the stove.

I really enjoyed this restaurant.

One highlight that I want to share with you is their drink selection.  Too often the beverages seem uninspired.  The cocktail list, if one even exists is just like every one else most of the time. The selection of beer can often seem like it is chosen based on how much free stuff the brewery is going to give the restaurant. Thankfully this place was not like that!!  They had a really fun list of cocktails – some they created in house, some for sharing and yes, even one with beer.  Their beer selection actually had a couple of beers that I hadn’t tried more than once or twice and had a selection of lighter and darker beer!!

As it was hot out I decided to go with that beer cocktail.  It was called a michelada.  For those who haven’t had one before, it’s like a bloody mary but made with beer instead of vodka.  This place made it well too.  The presentation and the balance of flavours was great.  I especially loved the garnishes.  If you haven’t tried this drink I think you should.  Especially if its hot out and you are enjoying yourself on a patio.

As a slight side note, one of my favorite magazines – Lucky Peach, had an article on beer cocktails and I know I mentioned these in a previous post, but I thought this list was worth sharing.



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