Fall for beer

Repost from: Oct 15/2016


I’m not entirely sure what it is, but there is something about fall that makes me extra excited for beer.

Sure fall is my favorite season but it was long before I could drink beer.

Maybe it’s because traditionally that’s when beer would often start to be made again on farms.  After a busy summer the harvest would have been mostly if not all done by the end of fall and there would be more ‘personal’ time.  This would often include brewing beer for the rest of the year.

Summer is great for getting outside and being active but fall has its warm days too and offers up a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the bounty produced in the previous months.

I attended Beau’s Oktoberfest this year and it is such a great time!  They are so well organized, there is a feast of local restaurants providing great food, the midway donates the funds raised to a great local organization and there is even a beer school!!  I had the privilege of sitting in on a class – Identifying Off Flavors In Beer.  Hopefully it will make my future brewing even more tasty.

I feel like there are all sorts of releases, fests and events coming up.  One event to be fiercely debated will be the beer vs. wine event at Craft Beer Market in Ottawa.

Ottawa Beer Events has all sorts of interesting listings for those of us enamored with all things beer so get out there and enjoy what fall has to offer!




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