Confessions of a brewer

Repost from : April 18/2016


So, I have a confession.

I am a brew in a bag brewer.

I have brewed the regular way.  I have brewed a decent number of extract beers and even a few kits but I keep coming back to brew in a bag, also known as BIAB.

Craft Beer & Brewing, Brulosophy and other respected brewing resources realize that not everyone wants to be a traditional all grain brewer and that there are advantages to BIAB.

For those not familiar with this type of brewing, it is using a fine mesh bag as opposed to working with a few other pieces of gear.  The cost of the extra equipment, the space this equipment takes up and the fact that BIAB is faster are the main reason I use this technique which Australia is given credit for developing.

Do I think it is as authentic? Nope.  Do I think that I lose credibility as a brewer? Possibly. Is my beer as tasty as those using standard all grain methods? Many of those who have tried it think so.

I don’t have the aspirations to be a full time craft brewer.  It is a hobby for me.  The work that brewers put in day in and day out is admirable and difficult, but not for me. But I do enjoy the fact that I can discuss brewing with local brewmasters and that I have enough knowledge to follow along in the conversation.

There have been many posts on the pros and cons about BIAB, but I would suggest there are many great reasons for either and at the end of the day if we end up drinking more locally made beer and create more of an interest in the craft of beer making then I am all for it.

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